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Posted on: July 31st, 2023 by admin

At Stennetts Transport we provide bulk storage of over 60,000 tonnes for clients in the UK. As we operate to the TASCC standard and are registered with the Organic Food Federation, you can count on us to handle all of your products with care. 

At Stennetts Transport we have the ability to store a range of products including beet pulp products, wheat feed products and other bulk compounds used in the UK animal feed industry. However we do specialise in the storage of grain, oilseeds, pulses and rice that are destined for the food chain. For the majority of commodities, they are handled by loading shovels, telescopic handlers and forklifts.

However we do benefit from the latest technology such as automated temperature control equipment. This helps us keep your products in perfect condition. We also have an onsite public weighbridge. This has computerised stock control so that up to date information is readily available. 

You don’t need to worry if you don’t want to send your products straight away. We can collect bulk loads from factories or farms before storing them on site. We can then deliver them to the end users at a time that works best. Similarly, if you have container shipments of bulk or palletised goods that need transporting we can collect them from ports before tipping them into storage. Then at the requested time we will deliver them to the customers destination. 

Storing your goods with us will maximise your space and allow you to run your business more easily. Our bulk storage meets all of the relevant regulations. So we can provide you with the highest standard of long term or short term storage. 

To find out more about the secure bulk storage solution we offer for clients in the UK, call us on 01284 728834 or make an online enquiry today.

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