Stennetts Transport
Stennetts Transport


The bulk haulage & storage specialists

With the power to deliver over 1.5 million tonnes of bulk product per year and a storage capacity of over 60,000 tonnes or further to customer requirements, we are well equipped to handle your products.

Stennetts are bulk storage specialists

We are specialists for the storage of grain, oilseeds, pulses and rice destined for the food chain.

Stennetts store a wide range of products

We store sugar beet pulp products, wheat feed products and other bulk feed compounds destined for the UK animal feed industry.

Stennetts Stores are a member of TASCC

We operate to TASCC standards and can also provide organic storage and are registered with the Organic Food Federation.

Tailored to the customers’ requirements

A variety of services can be tailored to the customers’ requirements. Bulk loads can be collected from factories or farms, stored on site and then delivered to the end user as and when required. Container shipments of bulk or palletised goods can be collected from ports, tipped into store, then at the required time delivered to the customers’ destination.

Automated temperature control equipment

This is available to ensure that your product is always kept in excellent condition. The on site public weighbridge has computerised stock control ensuring up to date information is always available. Loading shovels, telescopic handlers and forklifts are available to handle the majority of commodities.

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